We were invited to a wedding in Sweden's little town of Gothenburg.  For this event i wore a beautiful A-Line shape, off white dress with delicate black lace on both sides of the dress. Just above the knee and a round neckline made this dress a chic, elegant yet feminine choice. Teaming this up with black strappy heels and my go to little black handbag, (which happens to be the perfect size for day and night). Kept my jewellery simple, with pearl stud earrings and a cute off-white ring, with a dangling tear drop crystals from Swarovski.

Luscious lashes and black eyeliner on nude and shimmery eyeshadow with a bright pop of red lipstick from Makeup Forever in 'Rouge Artist Intense' to break up my monochrome outfit perfectly.

Dress: Diane Von Furstenberg 
Shoes: Alexander McQueen
Bag: Saint Laurent Paris



Wow this lady wearing the very good design of clothes. Fashion designer always busy to design the new clothes. It is especially important for small businesses that need to catch up with the already established ones.

10/08/2016 9:15am

While styling monochrome; recollect to keep it lively by changing the surfaces inside your look; consider cowhide look choices, interwoven on shirts, or two-tones with sweatshirts. We present to you our guide on the best way to style this striking look in three one of a kind styles – energetic, option and keen.

05/02/2017 8:16pm

I think that the monochrome get up looks perfect for you! This A-line shape dress just made you look sexier. That black strappy heels is simply rocking the whole look. It seems like you just had the perfect get-up for this wedding. But your smile on the photos look awkward. Smile confidently. You are beautiful that's why you should smile more!


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