Summer is the best excuse to wear bright, bold colours with confidence; not just as clothes but even as your makeup. It's that season to freely experiment and have fun!
On this particular look I'm wearing a bright green cardigan, enough to keep your arms warm from the summer breeze and more appropriately for me, the mall AC's back in Dubai. I love the flowy front and zip details. You can even fasten the zip for a total different look, a more sportier option than that of the floaty feminine style. I wore this cardigan with my navy skort and white Ballin Tshirt. Accessorised with a big chunky gold necklace for a more urban look, tied my hair up in a messy ponytale and wore a pop of yellow on my eyes and bright pink lips. 

Cardigan: Topshop
T-Shirt: Harvey Nichols
Skort: Zara
Necklace: New Look
Yellow Eyeshadow: Mac Cosmetic's Chrome Yellow
Lipstick: Mac Cosmetic's Crosswires



This is good fashionable post and also like the all ladies. Green color is my favorite and many times wearing the different designing of green color clothes. More often than not, we are told to supply ourselves with extra food, clothing, and, if possible, fuel.

08/02/2017 7:52am

Summer is really a perfect season to unleash the "fashionista" in you. Bold and lively colors fit this season very well, so you should match your personality with this season. By the way, green looks good on you. It didn't make you old! We all know that green is a critical color, and not everyone can rock it! New Look's necklaces are the best! You carried yourself very well. You should be proud!


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