Sometimes, its all down to the accessories to make an outfit. You start off with a simple item at the back of your closet, maybe you've worn it a few times too many, and you just can't even bare to try it on anymore; but with a few accessories, you can completely re-invent, and create a new and fresh look. So instead of throwing away old pieces, try to see them in a new light, maybe its a plane t-shirt you always wore with your favourite jeans, how about tucking it in a pencil skirt, rolling up the sleeves and wearing a chunky statement necklace on top? 

For this look, i wore a white lace dress, teamed it up with a green cardigan, and gave the whole outfit a twist by clinching it at the waist with a white belt, Some gold jewellery and a nude clutch, and its instant glam.

Dress: Forever 21
Cardigan: Topshop
Belt: Aldo
Clutch: Saint Laurent Paris



04/29/2016 10:04am

The human being body has also the accessories of the body. In which we can say that if the person has lost any part of the body. So he will never be complete in all over the world.

09/07/2017 11:47pm

Every time I visit your website, I couldn't help but the feel amazed with the outfits you are wearing. aside from the fact that you know how to carry yourself, I believe that knowing what are the outfits that make you feel confident matters a lot. How I wish all girls are as confident as you are! By the way, talking about the brands you're wearing, I really love Forever 21 dresses. Their garments are just simple but perfect for everyone! Thank you for this update!


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