Off to dinner and i decided to dress in the brightest pieces i had, with a bright blue v-neck dress, a bright yellow soft unstructured blazer and blue pumps to match. Let my hair down, went for a soft smokey eye and nude lips. Im like a magpie towards blue, turquoise blue, mint greens, cobalt blue, royal blue, i absolutely love them all! I just can't get enough of these colours. I spotted this beautiful bright yellow soft blazer/cardigan recently and i loved how easy it is to wear and glams up any outfit your wearing, from an all black, to an all white to any other colour, its instant summer! Beautiful.

Dress: H&M
Cardigan: Redherring
Shoes: Carvella



08/26/2014 2:43pm

This outfit is really bright, but I like it! ;) Perfect for summer!
I also love your blue dress, I hope H&M has it here in Germany in the stores, too. >_<

Please keep posting, big fan of you :)

Sheida Fashionista
08/28/2014 6:28am

I love my bright colours hehe, thank you so much darling, means a lot xx

08/02/2017 8:27am

Choosing bright colors for someone might be a bit dangerous to your fashion sense. If it will not fit you, you'll look like a disco ball for nothing. Of course, we don't want that situation to happen to us. Becoming brighter and bolder in the world of fashion is quite tricky. But if you want to take the risk and try it for a day, you can actually do it! You just have to know what color fits you best!

11/10/2016 11:54pm

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