You don't have to look very far to be inspired for style, after all, styling is all about the details. The obvious inspiration of this dress came from nature's very own flowers/leaves. Beautiful bold and bright colours combined with the floral print hit the mark right between summer and autumn. The simplified graphics in the print and the black binding around the neckline gave it a more modern twist. And for this simple but creative neckline is why i really love this dress. The halter-neck is fastened on the back with a single button, and forms a V shape in the front. The dress is draw stringed at the waist so its very easy to wear, and its very light cotton fabric makes it just perfect for the hot weather. I bought this lovely dress in Debenhams from Redherring. For styling, due to the loud busy print of the dress, i kept my jewellery to a minimum wearing only pretty gold leaf shape earrings (inspired by the print on the dress) just to bring the whole look together.



08/19/2014 10:00am

I love reading your blog sheida xx

Sheida Fashionista
08/20/2014 7:57am

Thank you darling xx


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