Dressing for a day of running errands, i make sure i have comfortable foot wear to start with, no knowing how much walking will be involved, and then try to balance the chic. Wearing this loose fitting dress, made sure my movements were not restricted, and to glam up the outfit, i dressed it up with my new accessories i bought back from Bali. Stunning necklace of the 'hand of Fatima' with a beaded chain, and tiny beads made up these adorable bracelets, perfect for every outfit. I found these little gems in a little boutique in Bali's markets.

Dress: Zara
Shoes: Nike
Necklace and beaded bracelets: Boutique in Bali called 'Goxua'



02/19/2016 4:20am

Awesome outfit design. Your accessories also looking cool especially bracelets.Thanks for sharing.

02/23/2016 8:59am

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05/17/2016 2:54am

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