Packing for a vacation is never easy, in fact i don't enjoy packing at all. I always worry i will forget something, so i try to pack outfits rather than items so its easier to dress when i get to my destination. For this trip, knowing I'm going to a warm location i found this cute, fun, bright jump-suit in Promod! Its so lightweight so i stayed nice and cool throughout the day, and its so super comfy that i even wore it on my way back to Dubai in the long twenty hour journey we had!



01/27/2017 2:09am

Packing for tour is not interesting for everyone. Less package is much better for tours, your feeling about the outfit is the best advice. The information provided by you is great and useful to everyone.

07/02/2017 8:57am

Packing is also my least favorite thing to do whenever I have to go travel into another country. I always find myself wanting to take all of my clothes because I feel like at some point, I’m going to need them. But obviously I cannot take all clothes so it’s my biggest dilemma every single time. What’s even more frustrating is when I have to pack my socks and undergarments because I have no idea how I can fit everything into my luggage. But thanks to you, I am now inspired to bring with me my jumpsuit and rompers! They are so fancy and they don’t take up too much time. It’s perfect for someone like me who always feel the need to bring whole closet.

06/28/2017 5:10am


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