My mother was in town for a very short but of course sweet visit. For dinner i wore this pretty polo neck, long sleeve lace blouse with my go to versatile skorts. I adore this top, even though i struggle with high neck tops generally because i feel claustrophobic, however this little number was just too girly and feminine to resist. I wore a jewelled neck piece on top, just to add some extra glam to the outfit.

Top: Stradivarius
Skorts: Zara
Bag: Saint Laurent
Shoes: Carvella



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06/28/2017 12:46am

I absolutely love your outfit! Like you, I am also in love with laces. I have always been a fan of clothing with laces because I see it as a classy and vintage design. I pair my lace top with black pants and a maroon cardigan and it's my favorite go-to outfit! It's very stylish and I like how it's so fresh. It's not over-the-top, but it also does not make look underdressed. I just love how lace can go with everything. It can be worn during casual occasion or even in formal wear, lace is applicable.


This blog has beautiful modal and his color of the dress is awesome.
this color is cool fir summer season and being a Muslim we can not wear this dress. Because Islam gives the limit for dress.


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