Glamming up for the Benefit Loves Swarovski event, i opted for a pretty purple gem colour skirt. With a tutu underneath i felt so pretty and girly in this shape. I dressed the black top and stappy heels with a beautiful clutch with pearls and jewels print and a huge amethyst stone on the front. Wore a thin black belt on the skirt to pull the outfit together. P.S. excuse Hoby's photobombing! lol 

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Coast
Shoes: Alexander McQueen
Bag: Bloom & Mellow



05/31/2016 5:33am

I am also a glam type women and this is the life I like to stay in because it’s in my blood and this outfit is defiantly coming to my closet because it is very fascinating and cool.

07/12/2017 3:47am

Wow, girl, your outfit is so elegant and fashionable. You look so fabulous! I just love the design and the color of your skirt. And by the way, I love skirts more than jeans. That outfit suits you well. I hope to have that one, too. I'll look forward to your new pictures to be uploaded here! Stay classy, girl!


Hi dear, you look so pretty in this dress and the way you choose your accessories are extremely good choice. I wonder how you maintain your skin tone, always look fab in close up pictures.


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