'It's not what you wear, it's how you wear it'! I so believe in this statement! You don't necessarily have to spend bucks on an outfit to look good, you just need to shop smart! Before purchasing an item try to visualise how you will wear it, i.e. how you would accessories with what you already have at home. I don't tend to wear a lot of fitted dresses, because like any other girl I'm very conscious about my figure, and a lot of breathing-in takes place when wearing this little number! Either way, every time i wear this dress i get lots of compliments. And believe it or not, i bought this about a year ago from Primark in the UK, maybe for about £16 (guessing here, but definitely under £20) and that is a bargain! Dressing it up with these nude pumps and clutch and some hollywood waves in my hair, it looks nothing like the price tag! 



03/02/2016 12:57am

It is smart wear,thanks your share....

04/15/2016 3:47am

I really like way you have structured the information.

11/17/2016 9:13pm

awesome dresses Gread post

02/10/2017 6:53am

Hi like always you are looking gorgeous in that full length blue skirt which looks amazing on your body and has perfectly fitted to your body. I like your passion on fashion tries to show new styles through your post.


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