I love the jewellery sold in Marc by Marc Jacobs, they're so cute, fun and the prices are reasonable too. This gorgeous ring reminds me of a stamp, with the logo literally stamped on the ring, its a statement in itself. I bought the white and gold colour combination to match everything. There were three colour choices, so if your not loving this one like i am, check out the other two colours along with the other pieces in the store.



01/31/2015 10:49pm

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08/16/2016 3:13am

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08/18/2016 2:15am

These pieces look very beautiful indeed and I am going to get an essay writer working on my term papers at the moment, then, I will go to the store to check them out.

08/19/2016 7:11am

Omg this marc by marc ring is beautiful. I would love to gift it to my writer mark, he would love it. this seems quite expensive but yeah will be worth the money.

08/22/2016 2:30am

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10/16/2016 11:38pm

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