Out to a formal party i wore this beautiful, elegant and lady like pink dress i bought from Coast. It's tailored to fit the figure just right. The many rows of hand sewn pearls on the collar is so perfectly chic, yet the panelled seams of the dress allow for a more unique shape at the hemline, giving it that slight edge. Adore.



01/26/2017 12:54am

The pink is one pretty color which suits in any occasion or any format of dress code. I just love your outfit and its suits you well. Pearls are the accessories which can be mixed up with any type of dress.


Hi, you look very beautiful in pink dress . thanks for sharing your post

06/17/2017 9:29am

It proved to be Very helpful to me and I am sure to all the commentators here!


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08/12/2017 12:38am

I am all that much satisfied with the substance you have specified. I needed to thank you for this awesome article. 


What an interesting post.

08/25/2017 8:21am

Out to a formal gathering i wore this wonderful, exquisite and genteel pink dress i purchased from Coast. It's custom fitted to fit the figure perfectly. The many columns of hand sewn pearls on the neckline is so consummately chic, yet the framed creases of the dress take into consideration a more special shape at the hemline, giving it that slight edge. Worship.


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