Jacket: Bershka
Jumper: Brian Lichtenberg
Denim: Topshop
Boots: Gucci




These leather jackets are really good and have to maintain our want to have doing alot of things we want to have alot of things we have maintain our life in better ways

06/21/2016 2:15pm

The boot of the lather is going up on the upper side. This brand can be useful for the human being. This type of brand can be useful for the main purpose of the where in the foots. This purpose can be important for the every citizen. This company has given us allotted and long time warranty as well.

08/31/2016 9:25pm

Vans is just among the top shoe companies all over the world to jump in on the chukka boot craze. Having made a mark in the shoe business particularly in the skating world, this mogul has managed to expand its variety and successfully launched various chukka boot designs. The best Vans chukka boots for men in 2012 has been selling off the market gaining worldwide popularity with its unique and trademark style.


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