Dressed super casual to attend the Market OTB in Dubai's Downtown today. Such a lovely weather and even though i wore black the layering helped keep me warm from the breeze but cool enough under the sun. I suppose the inspiration behind this outfit came from a slightly bohemian festival attendee. Haha.

Hat: Ted Baker
Floral T-shirt: New Look
Leather Skorts: Zara
Vest: Zara
Sneakers: Nike
Bag: Michael Kors
Chunky coined necklace: Forever 21
3 pendant coin necklace: I seriously cannot remember :(



06/25/2016 4:11am

I really like Bohemian black. The color can really highlight the skin tone of any individual. It is a color that one should try out for parties as it can produce that flamboyant look.

09/29/2016 9:21am

I like black color. It is actually my favorite color. I know that a lot of people say that it’s not a color but it is. I believe that black goes with anything if you’re happy black goes with something bright and if your feeling down black is all you need. It just says a lot. According to my friend, Kay, that the color black makes her feel poise and confidant when worn. This color gives her the feeling of control in life.


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