Always a lover of bright colours through the winter to lift those cold and cloudy thoughts. Its mid January and Dubai's sun is going strong at noon. In a country where you hardly feel the cold (not in the day anyway) there really is no excuse to dress cheerful. And even if you want to make some reference to the season, here is my example: i adore white throughout the year, from white breezy linens along the beach in the summer, to the more warm fluffy fabrics in the snow. Its a colour that imitates its surroundings and works well in almost every occasion - except from when you're attending someone else's wedding, then thats a no-no, (unless you really hate the bride!) Now Orange is not exactly a colour that comes to mind when thinking of the winter -oh but it is. What is the seasonal fruit at this time of the year? Clementines! You don't need to look too far for outfit inspirations or excuses (however you wish to put it) to wear those bright clothes. Of course, i love black just as much as white but for a lifted spirit and a positive mindset to have a informal meeting along The Beach at JBR, i opted for this colour combination.

Long Blazer: River Island
Blouse: Forever 21
Skirt: H&M
Sneaker: Nike
Clutch: Tory Burch



08/29/2016 1:57am

Girls always rush for the fashion, the sharp colors always a have lot of attraction. The style and fashion leads with the red color. This makes a real change in outlook. Red color with white makes best combination for ladies.


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