Sometimes its nice to mix casual and glamour to give that unexpected unconventional look. A little out of the ordinary is not a bad thing. There are no rules in fashion, so why not play around a little. With this outfit, while i kept the bottom half quite feminine with the heels and puffy midi skirt, i mixed it up with a plaid buttoned down hoodie. Of course don't expect everyone to agree with or like your choice when you try out a little risky number, what is important, is to have the confidence to carry off what you like and that comes with self belief. Power to the soul! (or something motivational as such).

Hoodie: Topshop
Skirt: Coast
Bag: Ted Baker
Shoes: Aldo



02/03/2017 9:46am

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07/31/2017 2:00am

You look really lovely and gorgeous. I love this style of yours. And I do love your glamorous shoes! Well, I must say that I love everything about you in this style. I do have some fashion ideas for our upcoming General Assembly. Thanks to you and your style, of course.


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