Is it too cliche to wear red on Valentine's Day? I think not. But it definitely isn't a rule either. To be honest i was kind of rushing out the door and had a completely different outfit lined up, but as things tend to always go wrong last minute, i had to pick a trusty number from my closet to wear with my Valentines gift which happened to be these stunning gold shoes!

Dress: Mango
Shoes: Paul Andrew
Clutch: No idea where it even came from (it just went well with my shoes)



09/19/2016 10:53pm

Roses are so beautiful because red rose is sign of love and in this picture you are also looking a beautiful red rose. I think your valentine day is so special for you or your valentine partner is so lucky.

12/26/2016 11:55pm

These red roses can express the message of love. This kind of love is presenting up on the same conditions. Everyone can be given and show peace of love. This is also positive way for performing love.

06/28/2017 12:11am


07/03/2017 6:41pm

You're very gorgeous in that red dress! Red might be a very cliche color especially when it is Valentine's Day, I mean we can wear another color but we still choose red because everytime we think about the word "love" or "valentines" the very first color that comes to our mind is color red, nevertheless, I believe that red is such an amazing color because it really gives you the feeling of power, sophistication and fierceness. I really love how simple your dress is and how you matched it with your gold heels. This is a perfect outfit for a perfect night!


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