A washed out oversized denim print dress clinched in at the waist - what can be more desert perfect than this? With its drooped sleeves and large pockets on the chest i felt like i was ready to hit the safari. But of course, i was attending a fashion event, and it just wouldn't be right to let this cute little number out in the wild (see what i did there) all by itself, so i dressed it up with a pair of strappy heels and chunky sunglasses to add some pizazz and i was front row ready.

Dress: Zara
Bag: Dolce & Gabbana
Shoes: Alexander McQueen
Sunglasses: The Fashion Vault



05/01/2016 10:11pm

Uptown is the unique place which we have seen. In which we see many birds and animal there. So there are many historical things in this place. So that why we always try to visit many places for collecting information.

01/07/2017 11:43am

I think you should wear close cloth for safari. Insects can be a real pain in the ass.


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