I'll be honest, i actually went out and bought this dress to wear with my butterfly shoes on they're first outing! The beautiful lace complimented the angel wings and i felt like quite a fairy! haha. Okay thats super cheesy but i thought the look worked well together :)

Dress: Miss Selfridges
Shoes: Sophia Webster
Clutch: Saint Laurent Paris



05/17/2016 11:08pm

It's great you have update it.thank you.I found this is an informative and interesting post.

05/31/2016 12:00am

Beautiful dress that you look as a bridal in a white lace angel wings. I really want to make this style of clothe for my wedding. My physical appearances is like to you, there for it will be look so amazing and beautiful. Its really very interested article and i will be share it will all my college friends.

08/10/2016 8:46pm

Well, you chose a gorgeous and lovely dress. It totally fits your body as well as your hair color. You certainly looked like an angel in your white dress. I hope that you had a wonderful night on that event. Thank you for sharing and keep on posting such wonderful photos.

11/29/2016 7:02pm

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She has really got the most stunning looks that I have ever seen in the models that have ever seen on the tv. I really am a big fan of her and always like to read the posts about her.


Thanks for sharing this post.


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