So it was the third day of the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, and my team (Italy) were up against England. In Dubai time, that was 2am, so i was almost half dead by the time the game started. But once it did, i was starring straight at the screen not battering an eyelash.

Originally we had intended to go out to watch the match hence why i was dressed and made-up  (obviously that didn't happen and we decided to watch from the sofa instead), otherwise i don't tend to get made up to sit in front of my TV at 2am, even if it is for my favourite football team in the World Cup.

I was planning to paint the flag on my eye lids at first, but thought the striking blue was a lot more effective - matching the kit i was wearing. So i kept the lids neutral and used quite a thick and bold line of blue eyeshadow from Sephora under my eyes. I also painted my nails green, white and red to imitate the Italian Flag. Hell of a lot of effort just to be sitting at home to watch the game. lol




06/16/2014 7:42am

Italy! :D I really like your outfit & nails! And I definitely need to get a Italy shirt already, I have to support my only heritage country in the cup when they're so good! :D I can definitely see why you love them, they played a really good game! :)

09/17/2016 12:23pm

To be honest I'm team Brazil, but I love your patriotism and your makeup! You are verry pretty! I would really love to hear more from you.

09/22/2016 10:10am

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12/08/2016 2:42am

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04/02/2017 8:11am

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