Theres a little kid in all of us, and sometimes i like to embrace it and let her out to run wild and free! Having fun with my looks is part of that.

I found this absolutely cute buttoned down denim sleeveless shirt with little Mickey-mouse motif all over it. When i put it on, i knew i had to play with my hair to match that top. I put my hair into a little bow on the top of my head to imitate Mini-mouse. The whole look came together with a very bright pink lippy. :)

To make the bow with your hair, you pull your hair up in a ponytail on the top of your head, the higher above your head the better you will see the bow from the front. As you take the hair through the hairband, on the last turn, leave the hair in a loop and don't pull through all the way. Split the loop horizontally into too hoops, and with the remaining tail of the pony, pull over and above the parting of the two loops and secure in place with bobby pins. Adjust the bow as wide as you want and spray with an extra hold hairspray in place.
For the makeup i used a nude colour base as eyeshadow, then a slightly pink tone on the crease. I then used a darker shade, almost brick colour under the eyes and on the outer corner of the crease, and highlighted the tear duct with some glitter eyeshadow, just to add that magical touch of Disney a la Tinkerbell! And of course the brightest and cutest pink lipstick ever to finish the look.

Makeup Details:
Eyeshadow (Base): Mac Cosmetic's Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly
Eyeshadow (Crease): Mac Cosmetic's Bamboo
Eyeshadow (Below eyes and outer corner of crease): Mac Cosmetic's Brown Script
Glitter eyeshadow (on tear duct): Mac Cosmetic's Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Chilled On Ice
Blusher: Mac Cosmetic's Peaches
Lipstick: Mac Cosmetic's Impassioned

Outfit Details:
Denim Mickey sleeveless shirt: Primark
S Necklace: Saint Laurent Paris
'Moi Toi' Necklace: River Island


08/24/2016 11:25pm

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01/20/2017 5:45am

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08/05/2017 11:32pm

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