Sometimes i feel quite dark and misty inside, not in a creepy scary way, but like i want to be a bit preserved and i wear makeup to suit how i feel (if that even makes sense). I mean, if I'm cheery and happy go lucky, i might wear a bright lippy, but if I'm feeling more rock and roll, i'd wear a dark lipstick, and if i feel like doing more observing than talking, i tend to go dark in the eyes. This isn't like a rule, don't get me wrong, but more like something I've came to discover about myself. The mood i felt before i applied the dark rich chocolate-y colour was very quiet, like i was just applying makeup and not thinking, not talking, not singing (yes i do that sometimes too) Anyway, enough with the psychology behind it.

For this look i used the Mac Cosmetics palette i showed you in a previous post, this time using the 'Najm EL Lail' colour, so the deep dark brown eyeshadow. Applying generously on my lids and below my eyes; don't worry if at this stage you look like a panda, it will get better i promise! I then, with a more nudish colour eyeshadow, blended all around the eyes, (so around the edges of what i had previously applied on the lids and below my eyes). Then, added some black eyeshadow (not too much) on the outer corner of the top, and bottom of my eyes, and blended the colours together. Liquid eyeliner on top, and pencil liner inside both the top and bottom waterlines. I then highlighted the tear duct of my eyes using the same Mac Cosmetics palette, in the 'Shroom' colour, and finished the look with lots of mascara.

Eyeshadow 1: Mac Cosmetic's Najm El Lail
Eyeshadow 2: Mac Cosmetic's Cork
Eyeshadow 3: Mac Cosmetic's Carbon
Eyeshadow 4: Mac Cosmetic's Shroom
Liquid Eyeliner: Rimmel's Exaggerate 100% black
Pencil Liner: 'Kohl & Contour, Noir Expert' Eyeliner from Bourjois
Mascara: Volume Million Lashes from L'oreal
Lipstick: Mac Cosmetic's Kinda Sexy

Dress: Massimo Dutti
Shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs



07/09/2014 11:54am

As always gorgeous!!! I love ur look and the way u make up,tks for showing us too how we should do! U are a natural beauty anyway...

Sheida Fashionista
07/11/2014 3:25am

Thank you darling, and your very welcome xx

08/29/2016 1:01am

MAC, according to most users, is the best brand in make-up and cosmetics. However, there are other brands that can substitute to MAC. Considering that there are a lot of women out there that are only starting their makeup journey, automatically resorting to MAC is not really practical. There are a lot of drugstore brands that can be used for practice.

08/17/2016 3:09pm

Just like always, you left me speechless with that incredible look of yours! You look so amazing with everything you wear, be it makeup or a dress or any acessory for that matter. I am really looking forward to trying this look on me.


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