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I went into the Mac store looking for a new lipstick, as you do. Minutes later i caught myself talking with one of the girls who worked there about all their products, one by one. I love learning new things! I purchased these two beautiful shade of lipsticks, like a dark rose colour which i think would flatter any skin tone, its not as bold as red, and not as playful as pink, but this shade seems so perfectly sexy, and you can wear it with heavy or minimal eyes. Love! 
I'm forever looking for the best highlight and contour kits out there, and coming across this palette with correctors, concealers and contour tones, it just looked so irresistible. Along with the kit the lady also advised me to buy these two brushes to use. The flat (darker) brush is for contouring and the angular fluffy white one is for buffing, and can i just say: oh my god, i absolutely adore this brush already! It is so perfect for buffing concealers or contours, whether in liquid, cream or powder form. I highly recommend this brush. Not 100% sure if the palette is what i wanted but i think i need to try it out a few times and see. Maybe i should do a blog on different contour and highlight kits I've tried and how i rate them. What do you think?

Lipstick (left): Verve
Lipstick (right): Creme In Your Coffee
Palette: Pro Conceal and Correct Palette (Medium Deep)
Flat Contour Brush: 190
Fluffy Buffing Brush: 168



I loved this review and I will totally be going for this lipstick and the palette specially. I have always looked up to you whenever I needed expert advice on best cosmetic to buy and never was I disappointed. Thank you for sharing your views on these pieces.


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