Living in Dubai, you notice how almost everyone has an impeccable sense of style and dress, and attention to detail is very important. Whether an employer, an employee or a lady of leisure, these woman know how to look nothing less than perfect at all times. Its the city of luxury, brands, fine dining and glamour, where you are adored for your sense of style or the shape of your eyebrows or the colour of your nails. Smiles are exchanged between you in the malls, like a sign of not just acceptance but like a deeper intellect; a silent conversation about fashion, beauty and style. Its as though looking into a painting and being taken away into the artists mind, and you smile once you understand, once you acknowledge that idea that first placed the brush on the canvas. Yes, fashion is not just wearing clothes or brands in this place, its the idea behind that brush that each lady is searching for. To be that mysterious painter. And nails are just the tip of the iceberg, but none the less an important spec of paint on the canvas.

With Dubai's warm climate, and access to pools and beaches, and multiple choices of open toe shoes and sandals, your toes have to always be taken care of. Every two weeks, i head to one of the 'N Style' salons in Dubai, whether it be in The Dubai Mall, The Mall of the Emirates or The Walk on JBR, i always have the same thing done; a french shellac in the exact same colours which i am totally obsessed with. I don't tend to use shellac on my hands an awful lot, only when I'm travelling and won't have the time to paint them repeatedly. I had this manicure and pedicure done, both in shellac before i came on my vacation to London, and as i'm here for my best friend's wedding, StyleSuzi, i opted for french for the hands also.

Base coat: Romantique
Tips: Cream Puff


07/19/2016 2:57am

All are using this blog for better and useful information here about the perfect french everyone has an impeccable sense of style and dress. Thank you sheidafashionista for sharing and giving us best information.

07/21/2016 2:23am

Women always follow latest styles and love to dress up in fashionable way. They concentrate on their entire look and observe other girl’s style and follow them. The posted article is very true to every woman and your posted articles about fashion are really good.

03/01/2017 4:21am

The perfect French is looking of the life style, when you are living in the Dubai. You should know about the same results. Your dressing should be professional and try to make a simple and fine. This is the latest and updated dressing as well. This can be easy to present in the normal features.


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