Off to Soho to do some makeup shopping, i knew i would come back with my hands full, so i decided to opt for minimal makeup; at least making my face lighter than my hands would be! I applied liquid eyeliner starting from the half way point of my eyelids, very thin and slightly longer than usual. I applied white eyeliner in the bottom waterline of my eyes and highlighted the tear duct of my eye with white shimmery eyeshadow. Applied mascara to my top and bottom lashes. Using my trusty nude colour lipstick i applied a layer on my lips, then using the same white liner highlighted the cupid's bow and the middle of my bottom lip, gently dabbed a little more lipstick on the edges to blend the white in.

Liquid eyeliner: Rimmel's Exaggerate Eye-liner
White pencil liner: Barry M's Kohl Pencil, 30
Shimmery eyeshadow: Urban Decay's Naked Basics Palette, Venus 
Mascara: L'oreal's Volume Million Lashes
Lipstick: Mac Cosmetic's Yash




09/28/2016 2:17am

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