With my newly blonde balayage hair, i need a new hair care regime. I was advised by my hairdresser to purchase the Silver Gloss Protect System by L'oreal, to help transform the golden tones of the blonde highlights into a more ashy one. 

From my initial reaction, i can tell you that i was scared, i had never see a shampoo this colour before, a deep, dark violet (at first glance i thought it was black and freaked out a little,) poured out onto my hand! But soon after, it became quite ordinary, i used the Kerastase shampoo for the next wash, followed by the it's hair mask. Ive been a L'oreal Kerastase fan for quite some time now, having tried almost every colour they come in, to find the perfect shampoo. The latest i was using was the Bain Satin 2 for very dry hair, which was the stable choice for a while, however they do say you should switch your shampoo every so often, and not use the same one for as long as i do. So i decided its time for a change. New hair, new hair care. This shampoo smells so good and i love the packaging, especially the gold lids of both the shampoo and mask, screams luxury. And you can't go wrong with that, surely? Speaking of which, i tend to always buy the hair mask rather than the accompanying conditioner, even though you ought to leave in the mask a lot longer than a normal conditioner, i figure i might aswell go for something more effective even if i am using the same time frame.



06/12/2016 8:17pm

I have used the Kerastase shampoo for couple of weeks and the results were immediate. The combination of L'oreal and Kerastase work wonders. I will definitely recommend this combination for those seeking a better hair that looks stunning.

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