We're all constantly looking for ways to save time. And removing nail polish is no exception, lets be honest, its not the most appealing beauty rituals but its got to be done as none of us want to walk around with chipped polish. And thanks to Sephora the whole process has speed up and might i even say become fun! The 'Express nail polish remover' is so fast and efficient, you literally put your nail in and rub against the already soaked sponge and out, and you have a polish free nail. It does however have one downfall, it dries your nails quite a bit, but not to fear, Sephora have also released their 'Instant nail cuticle care', which in the same quick and easy process leaves your cuticles soft and moisturised.

When i was in Sephora i also came across these new 'Formula X' top coats, which i thought were so adorable. I bought two of them, one with white glitters in 'Wham!' which would look nice on any colour polish, either across all your fingers or just the accent nail, and this fun multi coloured one 'Demolition' which i used on top of Essie's 'Vanity Fairest', a subtly nudish pink base complimented the pretty glittery top coat beautifully.

I also purchased two more of my favourite sponges, i love these sponges for blending in concealers or even foundations, they are amazing. Highly recommend them. And of course, for all you oily skins like me, Oil blotting papers are a must when your out and about, just dab your face where its shiny, and without removing your makeup, the shine is illuminated. :)



I am a loyal consumer of Sephora but I never knew use of thse products. It was indeed a nice discovery. I will be sure to try this all out myself and let you know how it turned out for me.


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