Being born with straight hair, you always want the opposite, and believe me i have tried every possible way to make my had curly. Starting from eleven years of age when i went for a permanent perm, which i honestly believe has affected my natural hair! Maybe the products went into my roots i don't know! haha. Jokes aside, i had such silky straight hair before that, that i couldn't even put a clip inside it, it would fall straight out. Either way, i used to think straight hair is boring and i badly wanted curls. So i done the crazy thing and at that age, i remember my father not talking to me for a week after! haha. 

Next was my school days, i was young but nonetheless very creative. I used section my hair and wrap not so big strands (because it was impossible) around a pencil! I then used to hairspray the bunch and use a hairdryer to dry it into shape. Oh Lord, i don't know what i was thinking at the time. It would probably take me whole day to do that and i probably looked like a poodle after.. lol. Oh dear. 

So next, now a little older and wiser (if you like) in highshchool, i bought my first pair of GHD Straighteners and i have been curling my hair with them eve since, if i wanted tight curls i would bunch up less hair, and bigger waves, more hair strands in the bunch. Using GHD straighteners is not the easiest way of creating curls or waves of course, there is a specific product made for that and thats the curling iron, or tongs or curling wand, or whatever you want to call it. I just don't understand why i have never in all these years ever bought one. I guess i was just used to using my GHDs and didn't think of an alternative. But boy could i have saved myself time and effort.

I bought these new curling irons, E-Rod, from my salon: 'Pastels' in The Ritz Carlton on JBR, for i think under 500AED . And it is such a relief! Curling my hair with GHD's always resulted with one particular part of my hair that just didn't want to curl, and it stressed me out so much, especially if i was rushing to get ready. But using the E-Rod is so easy, and the perfect result every time. So much quicker to use, and the curls last so much longer! You do have to mind your fingers mind, but otherwise I'm kind of slapping myself for not investing in one all those years. 



08/22/2016 11:23pm

Every person want a big change and beauty in his personality because it is nature of human. Iron helps in straight the hairs and now a days technology is very fast with help of this i easily change in our personality.

09/04/2016 11:01am

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