Since my move to Dubai about four years ago, i have been a die hard fan of L'oreal's Kerastase range. Trying between all the different variations to find that perfect shampoo and hair mask, and I've had many moments i couldn't think of possibly changing the brand because i sincerely loved the product. Finally i was ready to try a new brand. After going blonde, I've been in search of a shampoo and conditioner that can give me that hydration back into my hair, and voila! Never having tried the Redken products before, this is by far the best transformation I've had. And i say transformation because you can really feel your hair transform as you put in the products. And oh my, the smell is so yummy i could picture myself inside the herbal essence's erotic adverts. 

I always love learning new tips and I have been oblivious to this very simple but very effective method all this time, so if your already aware of this, then let it be a gentle reminder, and if like me, you had no idea, your life is about to change - or your hair, rather. So after applying shampoo and washing it thoroughly through, make sure you not only  squeeze the excess water out but also towel dry the hair before applying conditioner, don't go wild and start rubbing your hair between the towel because that only damages your hair more, but just twist your hair to wrench the water out and soak up the water from your hair with the towel. Do this before applying any conditioner or hair mask or treatment, and make sure to massage the product into the hair. As shampoos are created to take out the grease, you will lose some moisture, so the conditioner is designed to put back in the moisture, and on wet hair, its just going to slip right off.

I am so in love with these products, and already after the shampoo and conditioner my hair feels so silky smooth, but for even further moisture i use the Extreme 'anti-snap' leave in conditioner before i blow dry my hair, another scrumptious smelling product. You guys definitely need to try this, and let me know how it felt in your hair.



03/02/2015 12:32am

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