The 'Tangle Teezer' is perfect for combing through tangled/knotted hair while its wet or dry. Ever tried brushing your hair in the shower, or even right after, and you end up with a huge bunch of hair being pulled out and you wonder whether you'll be bald before your dad? Well, with this little beauty, you can brush through without pulling out all of your hair, and its so pretty too, i love this pink and purple combination. It does come in a few colour variants, if this one doesn't quite tickle your fancy. The reason why i invested in one of these recently is because after dying my hair blonde, of course the texture became a lot more dry than before and brushing through the lengths became more difficult, and this is my solution to my little struggle and i thought id share it with you.



09/27/2016 12:30pm

I love your review. I think I'll buy this product for my hair, God knows how much my hair gets tangled! I think this product may just be the answer to my prayers!


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