My two new lippy's from Mac Cosmetic's are Pink Plaid, and Faux. I've realised i have become somewhat obsessed with darkish nudes like 'Faux' having bought so many that look almost the same, but they so are not! lol. Or so i tell myself to justify my addiction. I absolutely love this tone on my lips, so creamy, velvety and pigmented. I do also own quite a few pink's, however after applying the 'Pink Plaid' on my lips, i realised it's not as pigmented as i'd like it to be. Generally i try to buy the matte colours more because they are more rich and last longer, but clearly not in this case. Unfortunately the 'Pink Plaid' even though is a beautiful colour won't go down in my favourite's pile.



07/21/2016 4:19am

The color and design of your new lipsticks are very beautiful. I want them to gift to my wife and i hope that there is no side effect of using it so ladies should try it as soon as possible to have a beautiful look.

02/02/2017 10:03pm

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02/16/2017 12:06am

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