I tend to shop quite a lot in Sephora, to a point where i have to deliberately avoid walking into the store as i spend ages in there and love to buy all sorts of new products from all the various brands they sell. And with the card programme in Sephora (Middleesat) you get rewarded for all the time and money you spend there (ok so maybe just money). And i recently got this gift from Sephora which was a bag of 'Hydra Boosters' from Clarins. It included a Moisture-Rich Body Lotion with Shea butter, which smells amazing and is now in my hand bag for when my hands get dry. A HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase which i apply on my face from time to time to keep the moisture in from all the makeup and damages the weather cause my skin. And a Relax Body Treatment Oil which again smells so good, reminds me of luxury massages where they use amazingly scented oils to make you relax and release the tension in your body. Three brilliant products. Thank you Sephora and Clarins for the perfect gift.



Here some very beneficial and useful make up products in that bad and i am sure their quality is also good. We should beware of bad quality products to save us from skin problems and diseases.

12/19/2016 10:36am

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