Attending the 'Benefit Loves Swarovski' event, i received this beautiful gift box, where inside was the bling brow kit, with the Swarovski crystals, all with glue readily applied on the back ready to use, the new Majorette blush, which smells absolutely delicious. I think this product is perfect for applying on a bare face just to add a pop of colour to make you look more fresh; rather than a full face as the substance is quite creamy - i feel like it would rub away my foundation (especially if applied with the finger). Its such a pretty shade, perfect for a trip to the beach or the really hot days of Dubai.

Also in the box was gift vouchers for the Benefit's brow bars to use their services. I've heard so much about it, but yet to try so its definitely on my to do list. Another favourite piece is the beautiful Swarovski necklace, a pendant ball of Swarovski crystals on a black strap. Looking forward to wear this beauty.



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