Bluemarlin Ibiza UAE is one of the hot spots in the region. A place to top up your tan, have delicious food, non stop flow of drinks, smoke shisha, socialise with the trendiest crowd, all with the hottest beats creating the perfect atmosphere to relax and party in one place, while you look and eat good. Ofcourse, with all that said, you have to either be a member or pay extortionate prices for minimum spend to enjoy this setting. After all, everything comes with a price.

Every Saturday, Bluemarlin hosts its buffet menu, where for 250AED per person (Im over looking the member fees/minimum spend of the table here) you get a full three course meal, plate after plate of starters and mains and gorgeously presented deserts to tickle your every taste bud. As the sun sets, the DJ plays club anthems. There is always some sort of live entertainment, this weekend being the two topless drummers which play encore with the bass of the music and lift everyones spirit just that little bit higher (if it isn't high enough all ready). The crowd so effortlessly co-ordinated start swaying to the beats, and slowly but surely, it isn't just a beach anymore on which you are dining at, but an outdoor club. Flashing lights and the summer breeze run intertwined through the crowd as the sun sets in the the distance of the Persian Gulf.



08/12/2016 9:24pm

Wow what a so delicious are the food recipes and people are eating this food and enjoy. Few travel agencies provide the best package for traveling the world and also include the apartment and foods.

04/11/2017 1:53am

I've been reading a lot of good reviews about Bluemarlin in the internet. Netizens were telling that a buffet experience here is worth its cost. Since I've never been to UAE, I still don't have something to say about this article. Hopefully, I can go there and eat at this luxurious buffet restaurant! The food there was ranked 10/10 by the famous food experts around the world. That sound really interesting, isn't it?


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