Took a small vacation to Sweden for a few days. Landing in Gothenburg the view from the plane was one of the most stunning landscapes i had ever seen, so so green. A small town where there is no darkness... yes, we had no night. Summers in Gothenburg are well known for their long days. At 1am the skies were an ombre of beautiful blues into black in the far distant. The aged buildings and monuments gave character to the streets. With names i couldn't pronounce i knew i was in a foreign place, yet the towns' friendly people made us feel so unexpectedly at home. Maybe it was the mix of the sun, light rain, and the sweet summer breeze, but coming from Dubai it was so refreshing to be able to take a deep breath and not feel suffocated by humidity.

Walking along the Avenue with its countless cafes, restaurants and bars with outdoor seating, all complete with folded blankets on the seats in case of weather changes, it reminded me of how much i missed this setting, Dubai being unbearably hot right now to do the same. The food here also didn't fail to impress, breaking my usual healthy eating ways (or at least what I've convinced myself it to be), i indulged in a passionfruit cheesecake and cappuccino in the towns busiest cafe also named Cappuccino. (Well you can't go to Cappuccino and not order one). Sitting outside under the sun, huge winged rivals eyed up my delicious desert. A very persistent seagull circled me and made many attempts to try to grab and fly away with my cake until i was rescued by one of the staff there.

For dinner we headed to Caleo, recommended by a friend, it was the best of fine dining. I ordered a duck which tasted so good i can still taste it today. And i have never tasted a sauce/puree which had such a punch to it. My partner also (on numerous occasions) expressed how perfect his steak was. A definite thumbs up, if your ever in the area, make sure you try it there, i highly recommend it.




04/21/2016 6:05am

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06/27/2016 2:31am

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Gothenburg is a beautiful place.Good to read about your trip of Gothenburg it was a wonderful trip and it seems you have enjoyed a lot.Thanks for sharing your sweet memories of the journey.We are waiting anxiously for the next journey.


The way you shared your experience on your vacation travel, caught my eye and made me awed, giving me such interest to the place. I've been planning on having my vacation leave just to have a relaxation for the time being, and I need somewhere that I could breath and have a peaceful ambiance. Well this place could be just what I've been looking for.


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