I'd like to start my Lifestyle page with my baby, my cat, Hoby. He's a Persian cat with a mix of British Shorthair, beautiful beige and white colour with bright hazel eyes. He's a very friendly cat who loves being centre of attention (literally, as he sits in the middle of the crowd when we have guests over, and smells everyones feet one by one). He's pretty lazy so sleeps most of his time, and spends the rest of the day either purring for food or cuddles.

As you may know Persian cats are known for their fluffy coat, and yes he does shed quite a lot of hair so i do take him for a haircut quite regularly, and two weeks later he's back to his fluffy self. I love him both ways, but when he's freshly been cut, like he was yesterday, his fur is so soft and he looks like a baby, and strangely enough even acts like one, the reason could be because he doesn't tend to enjoy the experience of having his hair cut so just wants to cuddle next to me when he's home. Talking of acting like a baby, he literally fits his role perfectly, he sits like a human when he's in peoples arms, sitting up, his legs open and just relaxes like that for up to an hour. So very cute.

We got Hoby from a friend when he was eight months old, and this month, on the 30th June will be his 2nd Birthday, and i've been eyeing the cat cakes in my local pet store to spoil my baby on his special day. So watch this space for the story plus photos.




06/14/2014 8:49am

He definitely feels he rules, so pretty ...xxx

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