Ok, let me start off by saying OH MY GOD! Right, now that, thats out of the way, I'm sure you can expect what's coming. On my last night in central London, i planned a dinner with one of my friends. Coming to London always means meeting up with friends i haven't seen for a long time and some serious catchup is in order. Knowing my love of Pan-asian cuisine, my friend suggested we go to Sumosan (here is the much needed address: 26b Albemarle St.LondonW1S 4HY). As the Mayfair postcode suggests, it is a little pricey, but oh so worth it. 

So typically our eyes being way more hungry than our actual stomach's could handle, between just the two of us we ordered a marathon of six dishes! Stating off we had a rock shrimp tempura with a creamy spicy sauce, immediately after, arrived one of the most extraordinary dishes; the lobster salad. If you haven't tried this, you have not lived, seriously! Then, a plate of tangy wasabi prawn tempura with a passionfruit dressing, so beautiful, but a little too spicy for my taste (i'm not a big fan of wasabi, but if you are, then its a definite thumbs up). Then, a plate of yellowtale - truffle tiradito, which i must admit i was a little hesitant at first, not so open to all raw fish, but wow, so good, so so good! 

We had ordered a plate of four types of sushi, the classic California, Soft Shell Crab (amazing), Prawn Tempura (again?) and the Samuosan. I know what your thinking, by this point of course we couldn't breathe, let alone eat all of these stunning sushi's, and as if that wasn't enough, my friend kept insisting that i have to try their amazing deserts. So taking our time, very very slowly we tried to eat as much as we could of the sushi, which believe me was impossible; so we asked for a take away box, JUST so we could have space for that desert! And oh lord, was it the best decision ever! We ordered a Green Tea Cheesecake and some Sencha (Japanese green tea) to help digest this mighty feast! The beautiful textures and outstanding flavours all melted in your mouth! I couldn't stop thinking how genius it was and how i wish i could come back and try every item on that desert list. It truly was to die for. I highly recommend this place but perhaps not to eat for a week before hand!



01/06/2017 2:00am

The classic dinner is start with the immense taste and flavors in a single table. The sushi is the famous Japanese flavor dish. The japans culture is rich in color and taste. Whenever go visited the Japan must try the amazing food there, sencha is famous along with the deserts. It surely make the day amazing.


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