Lunching healthy is not always the easiest of options, especially when there's so many mouth watering choices in central London. Meeting my best friend and the beautiful bride to be 'StyleSuzi' for last minute shopping before her big day, we stopped to get some grub and coincidently we both had the same place in mind. Not having eaten there since i left London four years ago we both agreed to PingPong, a yummy dim sum place on James St (near Selfridges). We both ordered the 'Summer Super 8', eight items (including an ice tea of your choice) for £8. So you get a variety of chicken, beef and prawn as well as vegetarian dumplings, one rice dish of chicken and broccoli, and i chose the lemongrass and jasmine ice tea. YUM! 

If your in London and you haven't tried Ping Pong, then i suggest you head there now, and there are several branches, so no excuses!



12/30/2016 3:21am

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05/09/2017 8:23pm

If you are trying to be a healthy eater, it will be very hard for you to control yourself from your food intake. I know it's really a big challenge for you, but you need to control your cravings! Foods in London are really enticing, who would not love to eat there? You'll definitely be enticed with the foods in front of you! But if you are dedicated with your healthy eating habit, you can avoid these!


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