Im forever looking for an alternative to toast for breakfast, trying to cut out the bread out of my diet, i found this delicious substitute! Protein pancakes, here's the recipe (for a hungry couple):

Four Eggs
Two bananas
Cinnamon Powder
Peanut Butter

Start off by mixing the eggs, bananas and cinnamon (the amount of cinnamon is totally up to your taste, my partner and i love cinnamon so i put in quite a bit). After attempting to squish the bananas with a folk i gave up and threw the whole mixture in a blender and blended until smooth. I then threw a knob of butter into a very hot pan, poured the mixture into a large spoon and transferred into the pan, holding the spoon in the centre to create a circular shape. Once the bottom was cooked (you will notice as the edges change colour) i flipped over the pancake and cooked the other side. I plated the pancake once fully cooked. While still hot, i dressed it with peanut butter and honey.

This recipe will give you around 8-10 pancakes depending on the size and depth of your spoon. You can stack them all and eat as a tower or if like us, you cannot wait, eat as you cook!



05/09/2016 11:26pm

Protein pan cakes are delicious and wonderful and vital. It is amplified and rigorously used in the parties and all snacks. It is intended and refund with the right and primary goals. It is the right and offered conduced and sufficiency of the plans.

06/19/2017 8:10pm

Pancake is my favorite breakfast when I was a child. It was my father who introduced the food to me, and I fell in love with it the very first time I have tasted it. My favorite component of a pancake is the syrup. I am sure that some will totally agree with me for saying that pancakes are much tastier if you have a good quality of syrup by your side. Thank you fir sharing to us your ingredients!


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