Wondering in the kitchen for something to call breakfast, 'don't pick bread, don't pick bread, don't pick bread.' Its just another morning in my household. It's so hard for me to try to avoid bread, so when i do, i feel so proud I'm going to document it for you guys here! :)

To make these healthy, yummy bites this is what you will need:

Rice Cakes
Spreadable cheese (I've used two different types, a low fat Philadelphia, and a Walnut mix cheese i found in Carrefour supermarket (but it totally depends on taste)
1 pack of strawberries
Cinnamon powder

It's pretty much self explanatory but i will give you a quick summary of how they were made. Lay out the rice cake, spread your chosen cheese, again i decided on two different types to alternate between the rice cakes; one, because i couldn't actually decide which to use, and two, i thought it would make it more interesting. Chop each strawberry in half and lay four slices facing down on each rice cake. Drizzle or squeeze out the honey on top and sprinkle some cinnamon powder to finish. For extra added crunch, i placed a walnut in the middle of each rice cake. Yum!



11/08/2016 10:46pm

It is healthy as well as a delicious start. I love strawberries and with your suggestions I can have them everyday. Cannot wait to savor the taste of strawberries and rice cake.


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