Over the weekend a few friends and i decided to head over the 'The Laughter Factory' a comedy club in Meridien Hotel on The Walk at JBR i really wanted to check out for a while. With three acts preforming from 9-11 pm we headed towards the venue. My friends coming from Downtown Dubai, being typical Persians, were running late; but they had me convinced we could walk in at any time and it was not to worry. Now picture this, its a Friday night, Traffic is at a standstill as usual along JBR and forget the heat, its so humid outside i can literally feel my makeup melt and my hair starting to imitate that of Diana Ross's. So we eventually park up and like a four man army of soldiers who have lost at battle, turn up all hot and sticky just glad to be indoors and feel that little piece of heaven we sometimes call AC. Of course, at this point, we had completely missed the first act and were down to only two acts left. So with a quick look at each other and a confirmation from my rumbling belly we decide to walk back out, and go for dinner instead. After all, we could always try the following week, and i hadn't eaten for too long to be sitting around till 11pm. 

So there we were back out in the humidity, looking for the closest possible restaurant to satisfy our tummies. And by God was i satisfied! We walked into Frankies, a surprisingly brilliant Italian i hadn't even noticed. To be honest all that time i thought it was an American Diner, and I'm not a burger person at all. Frankies happened to practically be next door, and i ordered the most mouth watering ravioli i had ever eaten. It read, 'a homemade eggplant ravioli, with baked cherry tomato, ricotta and basil' and it was exactly what it said on the package. As you may know from my previous posts, that when i go to an Italian i always tend to go for a non meaty dish, but instead a vegetarian/cheese option (don't ask me why) and i have to say, this was one of the best ravioli's i had ever tried. It literally melted in my mouth. Comedy club who?

After dinner, we decided to go for a few drinks, and again avoiding the blazing heat and unbearable humidity (we're talking like 11 at night here by the way - madness) we went to Trader Vic's and i ordered a 'No Mai Tai' meaning its based on their original signature drink 'Mai Tai' but the 'No' stands for no alcohol. It was so good! Im sure for all you drinkers, the 'Yes Mai Tai', i mean, 'Mai Tai' would please your little taste buds just as much too.

After our drinking session, and with the clock striking 12 and none of us wanting to head home yet, we came up with the random idea of heading the the new Reel Cinema's on JBR. There was a showing at 1am of the new Scarlett Johansson film, Lucy, which is about her ability of using up to 100% of her brain - such a good film, definately recommend it. Two hours later, and gone 3 am, we headed home, happy bunnies with the turn of events in our evening. Couldn't ask for a better Friday night! :)



Everybody used to enjoy Friday nights for their busy life. The articles shows that you guys have enjoyed a lot in Friday night by eating your favorite dishes and drinks. After reading this blog, I too want to taste this ravioli and Mai Tai.


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