The Armani Caffe in The Dubai Mall is bang in the middle of the Fashion Avenue, with the likes of Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Hermes, surrounding the cafe. Its the hub of luxury and you expect nothing less from this high end branded cafe. We visited the restaurant for dinner, and i ordered a pan seared sea bass on a bed of warm lettuce and olives with an almost origami cut lemon on the side. Cooked beautifully, and the warm lettuce and olives complimented the dish perfectly. However i do have to say, it wasn't the best pan seared sea bass i have tried. I do believe that the safest option for ordering food is to always order from the cuisine the restaurant is based, i.e in this situation, Armani is an italian cuisine so maybe a signature dish of pasta or pizza would have done the restaurant a lot more justice.

After dinner i ordered a Moca Loca, a hot beverage of hot chocolate, a shot of espresso and milk, and it tasted every bit as good as it sounds. Yum! I've actually been back for another order of this drink since, but in the Emporio Armani Caffe in Mall of the Emirates; though it did differ in presentation, with the Emporio cafe topping the drink with whipped cream, it did still taste just as good. Delicious.



08/23/2014 6:18am

Nice Cafe *_* ..

Sheida Fashionista
08/28/2014 6:29am

It sure is :)

08/29/2014 3:27pm

But not like Fauchon -_* ..


This is a really yummy food and I can imagine its taste because of these lovely pictures. It looks awesome and it really makes me hungry and I am dying to eat it. I love eating and I go out for eating every weekend with my friends.


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