I am slightly obsessing over candles lately as you can see by the number of posts on this topic! From hardly ever using them to almost everyday that I'm going through them like i do my perfume, like water! I'm not sure if its psychological or it does actually have an affect on me, but i feel a lot more calm after i light up a candle with a beautiful scent. Maybe its the flickering light or the sweet aroma but theres nothing quite like having a long/hard day and lighting up my candle and sitting back and being lost in my thoughts.

I bought these beauties from Bath and Body works, where they had a sale on for 'buy two, get one free'. I love my sweet smells, but i also don't like them too strong to avoid headaches. These are the three i chose: Sea Island Cotton, Warm Vanilla Sugar and Twilight Woods. I do have to say, that as much as i love the candles they sell, it's slightly irritating when i fall in love with one scent, go back to replenish and they don't sell it anymore. Every season/collection new smells are out, yay for trying new candles/scents, but boo if you've fallen in love with one already.



11/29/2016 1:32am

The candle bath is one of my favorite things that i love to do in the bathroom. And i know that its everyone's favorite because its simply great. We feel totally adorable while taking bath around the beautiful aroma candles and its everyone's favorite.

12/02/2016 2:40am

Candles signify several emotions in human history. A celebration of life comes to mind when one blows a candle on a cake. If it is an evening wedding, the images of bride and groom filled the air. Sadness is felt when people light candles in honor of the dead people. Also, hope is a constant message when you look at candles: eternal hope is lighted and gives people something to look forward to.


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