I'm not one for having big lunches, if any. So i'm always looking for quick and easy alternatives, and a Caprese sandwich sounds perfect to me. I usually try to avoid breads (trying to cut out the carb out of my diet) but bread is definitely very hard for me to completely let go of. 

For this quick bite, the ingredients are listed below:

1 tomato
1 Mozzarella cheese in water
3 slices of brown bread
Fresh basil leaves
Balsami vinegar 

Its just as easy as it looks. I toasted the brown bread (this one had nuts inside - I'm definitely a huge fan of nuts and seeds), sliced the tomato, emptied the water from the mozzarella cheese, sliced it, and arranged them as in the picture, with the fresh basil in between each slice. Drizzled some balsamic vinegar, and i have my lunch!

Mixed some green tea leaves and jasmine tea leaves together and let it steep, After a minute i poured myself a cuppa, ready to go! I really like mixing my tea's and have become slightly addicted to my green tea recently, sometimes mixing white, jasmine or ginger tea along with the green tea, bliss.



I like sandwiches, which are very delicious one to eat. And I make different varieties of sandwiches and I ever tried this kind of sandwich. The process of making is also simple and I will definitely try it in my house.


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