My favourite meal of the day, by far, is breakfast, and at the new section opened up on The Walk at JBR, there is a cute little restaurant called Eggspectation which serve delicious dishes for breakfast, as well as other meals. The presentation of the food looks so good in the images inside the menu you're tempted to order right away, and you receive that exact pretty picture on your plate. I hate it when i go to a restaurant/cafe and order an item from the menu which has a photograph and you receive something not half as decent! But in Eggspectation, you don't need to worry about that. My omelette with all its glory (the salsa, avocado and side potatoes) arrived just as intended and i wasted no time to tuck right in.

With it, i ordered a fresh orange juice and an Earl Grey which came with a pretty little floral china cup. Inside the restaurant was nice and bright, the ideal way to wake you up and feel fresh, and the outside with the bright green furniture was just the perfect picture with the beach backdrop. Can't wait to sit out there when the weather cools down. Im definitely looking forward to my next visit, and so should you!



11/15/2016 9:09am

This food looks really very yummy and the picture of this food encourages me for reading this blog.I like eggs and i like very thing made of it and there are so many people who also love eating eggs. And i think that egg makes every dish very much tasty.

12/23/2016 4:02am

The breakfast is time of the day when I am most busy and that is why I skip it most of the time. The restaurant you have mentioned fortunately comes in my way to work. So I will definitely make time in this week to check this eggspectation dish and maybe it will be a turning point to my routine.


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