On my trip to the UK, i also visited Cardiff. I met up with one of my old school friends which I'm still in touch with - for a girly day out to the 'The Bay'. It had been unbelievably hot the whole week, so dressed in my skorts and a tee, we went to a cafe and ordered drinks. Sitting outside to enjoy the pretty view of the Mermaid Quay, we placed our drinks on the table, which coincidently matched the colour of our bags. I ordered a mixed berry juice, while my friend opted for a yummy oreo shake. After a couple of hours of gossiping and girly giggles, we headed across to the Italian restaurant, Zizzi. I ordered a goats cheese and spinach ravioli, which wasn't the most exotic of choices but still yummy. For some reason every time I'm having Italian, i chose a vegetarian option. Generally i love my veg and cheese combo dishes, most of the time even more than any meat dishes, but in Italian, its almost always veggie for me. 

Top: NewLook
Skort: Zara
Bag: Saint Laurent Paris
Shoes: Gucci



12/05/2016 10:44am

good post...


It is always makes us happy when we meet our old school friends after very long gap and sharing our old memories with him and enjoying the company of her is fantastic feeling for anyone. You are looking beautiful in that yellow tee and black skirts. I hope you two had very good time in the café having nice girly drink and good chat.


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