I love me some candles, especially fresh and sweet smelling ones for the home. Its just something so peaceful with candle lights flickering and a beautiful aroma it sets off. I don't tend to go for strong smells because i think they would probably give me a headache after a while, and i tend to keep mine on for hours on end drinking my green tea respectively. 

I went into the Diptyque store hidden in a corner in The Dubai Mall and smelled a few candles, and this one stood out to me. Its so fresh and I've had it on constantly since bringing it home. Truly in love with the scent. I did however take a few pictures on my phone of another two candles i liked the scent of, for the next time i go in there for my future buys. I will keep you posted what those are and how they smell, but for now lets enjoy this scent. Baies meaning berries is the scent of a mix of roses and blackcurrents. Yummy.



02/07/2015 6:40am

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02/13/2015 1:57am

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12/08/2016 1:42am

Some people have the hobby to collect the various things to make their house look cute and beautiful. The candle collection and use them in the house id seems as a way too romantic. The elegant designs candle has a high purchase. It make your house look way differ and shown your nature.


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