Ok so i think it's safe to say my favourite food is sushi, and my favourite place to eat sushi in Dubai, has to be Karma Kafe. Its just so mouth watering-ly good! I think since the first time my friend and i discovered this little gem of a place, we must have been back around ten times, and thats slacking in my opinion. Now the menu is far greater than just rolls and sashimi's. Theres a lot more dishes that are just as good, the risotto for example is just as amazing. However, we go there for one thing and we one thing only, so its very hard to temp us to try any of the other options on the menu.

The place has a cool suave atmosphere with a live performing DJ which plays some pretty decent music, and with a large menu of drinks from its bar, its not just a restaurant. And it just keeps getting better: every Tuesday, Karma Kafe hold 'Ladies Nights' quite a common event throughout Dubai where restaurants, bars and clubs lure the ladies in with their free drinks. Perfect right? But it still doesn't end there. Not only do you get three little red chips upon entry to collect your free drinks from a selection of wines and cocktails (don't worry if your not a drinker, you can ask them to make your cocktails non-alcoholic), but they also have a selected menu of 50% discount. And guess what? All my favourite sushi's are rin there! 

So if you're in Dubai and a sushi fan, look nowhere else, this is your place: Karma Kafe in Souk Al Bahar. You won't regret it.



10/09/2015 1:41am

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03/15/2016 3:03am

Dubai is a good place to hang out with and it has a good culture and nice varieties of foreign restaurants were we can have a world variety food in Dubai without going to particular country for that particular dish were we can enjoy good variety of food.

05/03/2016 6:01am

This cafe seems to me a good place to enjoy a pleasant evening with friends or family members. Dubai has very popular restaurants, bars and nice place to hangout. I heard about this Karma Kafe it has a decent bar with good DJ. This café hold ladies nights on every Tuesdays.

10/18/2016 6:03am

Nice post


Oh I also love to eat sushi. One of my favorites are Crunch Roll, because I'm a fan of crispy, crunchy and raw tuna. Another one is the Dynamite Roll, it has Shrimp tempura, yellowtail, bean sprouts, carrots, avocado, cucumber, chili, spicy mayo. Carrots are what I am always looking on dynamite rolls. It also cute to taste the volcano rolls. The contents are different, but it will have some kind of topping that makes it looks like the roll is exploding. I just really love sushi and I always ask my mom to make one for me.


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