I extended my stay in the UK to spend more time with my family, especially my niece and nephew. And on the 28th of July was my niece's first birthday. And of course, i couldn't miss it for the world. My little princess turning one!

Dressed in a stunning pink dress with a picture of cinderella on the front, she looked every inch of a princess herself. The dress sparkled and the gorgeous puffy skirt shuffled as she tiptoed across the house; just adorable. Her beautiful blonde hair tied up in a matching pink hairband on top of her hair, and off she went, walking, stumbling, giggling, screaming, probably not having the slightest of clues it was her birthday. 

I love my family, and quality time with them always puts a smile on my face, one that comes from deep down inside; and if your an aunt or an uncle, you already know the feeling when you see the little faces look up at you.

 I became an aunty three years ago for the first time with my nephew, and it was the most amazing feeling in the world, to have a new addition to the family, a new life, blessing, and a whole new love you never knew existed. I didn't grow up with young children around me, as my youngest brother and i only have a year and a half age gap between us. It's so amazing to watch these beautiful children grow up, each with their own character and wit. Unfortunately however, living far apart from them, i don't manage to spend as much time as i could or should with them; but the times we do spend together, are truly special.



11/25/2016 12:05am

This dress is awesome. I like her stunning pink dress. It is the greatest event of anyone's life when they are celebrating the first birthday with such amazing party.


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