Okay, so Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is a place for business, but there are, along with a nail salon and a gym, many restaurants and coffee shops too. Starting from canteen style fast food counters to some pretty sleek fine dining. With my friends in town from London, and a hungry bunch of that, we stopped for a quick Mexican at Taqado. I being the odd one out, ordered tacos with chicken, while everyone else went for meat burritos. I am if you haven't guessed by now a very fussy eater, and mexican food is never my first choice. But the crowd insisted we eat there and so we did. Surprisingly it wasn't bad, i actually thought it tasted good, definitely not the healthiest of choices but my friends aren't the healthiest of people! Trying to really go for the mexican flavours, i ordered a spicy tomato juice along with my food, and boy was it spicy (mind you I'm not one to handle much spices to begin with), but strangely addictive.

After lunch, we decided to walk up to More Cafe for a sit down and a nice hot drink. And i LOVE the chai latte here. So good, so so good! With a cute little pot of honey and ginger biscuit on the side, i absolutely adore it. I highly recommend you to try it, you won't be disappointed.



Wow what a so yummy food and children are like these type of food. My mother also makes the different type of food items specially chines and fast food. I'm also excerpt in cooking and also set the mind open the new restaurant in next year.


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